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Q: I’m a novice trader. What knowledge do I need to trade using your system?

A: Only basic knowledge is required. You’ll need to open a chart of a certain Currency pair. The rest is described in greater details in User’s Guide.


Q: Will I learn anything new?

A: You’ll be able to place pending orders. Besides that, the system doesn’t require your attention, so you could spend saved time studying the market and improving your Forex skills.


Q: How often does your system send signals? Will I need to constantly sit in front of the computer waiting for a signal?

A: The system gives a signal once a day at a particular time. So, at that time all you need to do is to glance at the chart, make a decision and place orders. After that, it will require very little of your attention, except for transferring the order into the Break Even.


Q: I really liked the way your Forex system has been sending signals to my e-mail. Will the Forex Box do the exact same thing?

A: There’s no need for that. Unlike Forex, the Forex Box signals are generated at precisely specified time.


Q: You state that the system works with 2 currency pairs. Can I use it with other pairs?

A: You could try it, however you’ll be going down the path that we’ve already covered.

Some of the most stable results have been shown when the system works particularly with EURUSD and USDCHF pairs. Less stable though still profitable signals were observed with USD pairs (i.e. GBPUSD, USDJPY, etc.) We don’t advise you trying to use our system with pairs that don’t have USD (i.e. CADCHF, GBPJPY, etc.).


Q: I’d like to save some money. Can I expect a discount on a robot when I purchase an Informer? And also, what would the extent of my savings be?

A: If you purchase our Informer before August 1st, you will receive the Robot as a gift.


Q: I’ve got few manual systems from different developers. Some of them have a multitude of various lines, levels, graphs, surges/spikes and periods. The combination of all these graphic elements gives signals at both input and output. Don’t you think that the greater the number of indicators, the more accurate signals you get?

A: We don’t think so. Oftentimes, when you are being sold many indicators. Afterwards, using the combination of above-mentioned indicators, they ask you to find the signals on your own. This is highly indicative and speaks volumes how product’s developer is lazy and doesn’t care to accommodate the trader. In sharp contrast, caring about our traders is what sets us apart from all other developers. We always strive to make our products extremely simple on the outside – in fact, so simple, that even the beginner trader can easily make sense out of them.


Q: I’ve never placed Pending Orders. This is the only thing that stops me from buying your software. How complicated is it?

A: If that is the only thing that stops you, don’t worry. It is very simple. The entire step-by-step process is described in the User’s Guide. You will learn it in about 1 minute.. However, if you find it somewhat difficult to manually place the orders, you could receive our robot for free and it could place the orders for you — something that wouldn’t cost you a penny.

To make it simple: buy an Informer before the August 1st, 2011, test it and prove to yourself just how profitable the system is and after the August 1st, you will receive a robot completely free of charge to you.


Q: What are the currency pairs that Robot would work with?

A: They are the same as for the Informer – EURUSD and USDCHF


Q: Your offer says that I’ll get all levels: Initial Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. The only thing missing, which in my opinion is very important: is will I receive a hint – in which direction I should place my order. Will the system send a signal – should I open Sell or Buy Order?

A: Yes, of course. Before the order is open, you’ll have ALL the necessary information. All conditions on how or when to open orders are described in greater details and the signals are clear, concise and easy to understand.


Q: You state that the signals arrive at the exact same time each day I trade. Is that the exact same time throughout the world? People live in different time zones and besides, all brokers show different time on their terminals. Will I be required to somehow calculate when it’s the best time to place my orders?

A: No, you won’t have to do that. The system will automatically calculate the difference between your terminals’ time with respect to GMT and will automatically adapt to your terminal’s time. We’ve tried to make our system extremely simple for all traders. You won’t have to wreck your brain with any technical questions.


Q: I used one odd indicator. When I placed it in the chart and looked at the history, it was all so clear and simple that I was wondering how come such a wonderful indicator was available for free? Then I tried to trade with it based on its signals, but it would constantly change them. Just a moment ago it showed Open Buy. I did that, but as soon as I did it, it would instantly show Sell.

Won’t I encounter the exact same problem with your indicators? Are their results always consistent?

A: What you described is called Repainting. Unfortunately, the majority of the indicators on the market do “repaint”. However, you won’t find any problems with our indicators.

They are solid as a rock!

Q: Will this product also have an expiration date just like all your previous products?

A: Yes. As soon as your product informs you that it has expired, please drop us a line and we’ll immediately send you an unlimited version. This protects us from occasional unscrupulous customers, who exploit our 30-day return policy, and after getting a full refund, continue to use our products.


Q: How many accounts can I use your product with?

A: You can use it on one (1) live and 5 demo accounts. If you like to use our product on greater number of accounts, please contact our support team and you’ll receive an additional discount for purchasing one more copy of the software.


Q: Which Stop Loss and Take Profit I should be placing?

A: Take Profit is always fixated and it’s described in the User’s Guide. Stop Loss will be suggested by our indicator.


Q: By how much can I expect to increase my deposit in about a month, using your sofware?

A: It all depends on the amount of your initial deposit, on how risky your trading style is and, of course, on the market itself. In the present market situation it’s hard to predict. It’s not every day Euro zone feels economic shockwaves and the Unites States is at the verge of a technical default. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that our system can elevate your account by as much as 50% per month if you trade conservatively.

MOST IMPORTANTLY- always test the system on you demo account first. In about one month trial period we offer, you’ll form an opinion about system’s stability and profitability. Equally, you will conclude if the system, after all, is for you and suits your needs. Afterwards, you can safely begin trading on a Live account.


Q: Which brokers is your system most compatible with?

A: You can use any broker at your discretion. The most important thing is to have the broker use MetaTrader4 system, since Forex Blue Box operates strictly within that environment.


Q: I’ve got almost all of your products. Some products work fine for me, others aren’t so great. However, I’d like to thank you for your participation in my educational process. Thanks to your emails, I’ve become much more experienced, smarter and, most importantly, calmer.

Can I count on any type of discount as your loyal customer?

A: Firstly, Thank you very much. We highly value our loyal customers and always offer them some of the best purchasing options. Of course, you get a discount. The details and some of the conditions are described elsewhere at the site.

Continue as our customer and offer us your feedback. It helps us a great deal in our development.


Q: What is the minimum deposit required to start using your system?

A: A deposit of $300 is required to work with standard lots (from 0.1). However, if your deposit is less, you could usilize microlots. To obtain information about microlots, please contact your broker.


Q: You wrote that the system could be used alongside the Trailingator. What does it do? Also, will I get a discount if I purchase Trailingator together with your Forex Blue Box?

A: In our estimates, the trade’s profitability utilizing the Trailingator increases by about 20-25%. Naturally, you’ll get a discount when you purchase the Trailingator.

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